BBC study names emotion as a success factor for content marketing campaigns

We look at positive and negative emotions and their influence on brand perception

ROCKIT stands for the creation of content that works. Over the years we have expanded our focus: In addition to classic SEO content, we have developed the topic of “marketing-communicative brand writing” with a view to user intent and search phrases. It is important to us that content is found and received well, that texts inspire people and thus ensure that brands are positively charged. We are therefore pleased that BBC StoryWorks has proven the importance of emotions in content marketing in some studies, which confirms our view that good content conveys more than just information. We have made a brief summary of the BBC report for you:

The following applies to content creation: The use of emotion leads to the goal

This is the conclusion of the award-winning BBC StoryWorks study “Science of Engagement”. As the large-scale study with more than 9,000 participants shows, both positive and negative emotions are important success factors in the reception of marketing campaigns; Measurable reactions such as customer engagement, ad awareness, brand image and brand consideration are addressed. According to the BBC, the case study campaigns led to the test subjects on average

  • a 30% more positive attitude towards the brand,
  • a 49% better brand image,
  • a 56% higher recommendation rate,
  • and 50% higher brand consideration.

Negative emotions also strengthen the emotional bond between people and brands

Even feelings like fear, confusion and sadness can lead to a deeper emotional relationship between the person and the brand. This underpinned above all the effect of the “Emerging from the Darkness” video campaign by Huawei, in which the artist John Brambitt tells of his life as a blind painter. The sadly touching content made the audience feel 50% more positive about Huawei.

Negative emotions also turned out to be an important factor in terms of ad awareness, brand image and brand consideration, as the results of HSBC’s “Going the Distance” campaign illustrate. The article, which addresses the difficulty of maintaining a long-distance relationship, led to a massive 217% increase in ad awareness.

Positive emotions influence purchase decisions and improve the brand image

Positive emotions also seem to be factors that favor success, especially in terms of brand image and brand consideration. For example, Cathay Pacific’s hilarious video campaign about the history of airplane food improved both brand image and brand consideration by 57%.

Emotions can be used specifically to achieve campaign goals

Richard Pattinson, BBC Senior Vice President and Head of BBC StoryWorks, sums up what this could mean for the marketing industry:

 “ Emotions promote the engagement of people with brands – both the desire to be associated with a brand and those who buy products or services. A clearer understanding of which emotions should be considered can help promote those success criteria that are critical to the success of content marketing campaigns ”.

Further results of the BBC study

  • The feeling of confusion, when properly proportioned, has a positive effect on brand consideration and increases the likelihood of brands being recommended on social media. However, too much confusion can be daunting.
  • Content marketing has a very strong impact on lesser-known brands.
  • Brands should be easily noticeable and identifiable in campaigns. As a result, the content is better understood, more believable, more memorable and also gains in persuasiveness and effectiveness.
  • Videos have up to five times more impact on branding than other formats.
  • The mix of the right emotions leads to more recommendations on social media.

For those who would like to find out more: the original BBC text can be found here .

We, the ROCKIT-INTERNET team, largely share these views and results and recommend ourselves for brand writing and content creation at a level that brands with high standards need. Away from SEO texts, towards user and brand-oriented content that lives, strengthens and celebrates the brand – always with a focus on the user intent.

Our experienced agency team delivers unique texts that leave nothing to be desired in terms of expression and formal quality. We are not into empty words to fill gaps and spaces, and we do not sample cheap phrases. Each song is composed just for you. For us, the rhythm is set by humans, not a drum machine.

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