Buying backlinks rocks

Or why with us backlinks cost at least 2,500 euros a month!

Of course it (doesn’t) rock to buy backlinks!

Why not in brackets? Well, because it is still perfectly possible to fool Google when it comes to backlinks. And there are still (fewer and fewer) companies or SEOs that are successful with it. For us as an agency and service provider, however, it is CLEAR: We neither buy backlinks, nor do we think it makes sense.Yes, that is a competitive disadvantage compared to those who can disguise this in their link profile so well that Google has not (yet) been able to identify it. Or buy the links from publishing houses and other reputable sites where Google can’t (can?) Find the knack to identify them as bought. At the end of the day, it’s just not what the customer wants.

Except? Unless he wishes it.

What? We buy backlinks for customers if they so wish? No, because we no longer have any customers who want it or there aren’t any more to whom we recommend it. No more? Yes, because we have partially done that in the past. And so we are (were) in good company in the German SEO agency landscape. And our impression is that all the uncreative, purely SEO-heavy service providers out there are buying more links than ever. Yes, because they have no processes and procedures (and competencies) to generate / advertise useful links organically. And accordingly, such agencies now have even fewer options than ever before than simply buying links.

No, this is not a blanket bashing of link buying agencies. There are proven and competent colleagues / SEO agencies who are still buying links. Why? Well, actually because the Google Algo is so bad; o) But joking (seriously!) Aside. Agencies mainly buy links because the company’s budgets do not allow them to do reasonable link building. Because you can turn it around as you want, NIE / NEVER EVER it is possible to set up useful references in the network for three-digit monthly amounts. References to sites whose visitors it makes sense to find links to (commercial) offers. And even in the four-digit range (at least for us) a two MUST be in front, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to start at all. Because the whole thing requires massive preparatory work,

In other words: From € 2,500 per month we set out to build topic- relevant backlinks. Or we do it as an example for our own profit centers such as or related companies with projects such as! Here money plays (almost) no role and therefore the links have been acquired with a lot of love and effort. But that’s also a lot of links that are sometimes more, sometimes less clicked. Be clicked? Wow, is there something like that? Yes! And the search engines / Google can understand this not least through Chrome, browser plugins, etc. And it is rumored that this interaction would have relevance to be measured … The less relevance are links from pages that do not rank with anything themselves or that have been brought to delicate rankings for the purpose of selling links, but only posts at the end of the day with links to a provider and to an “authority”. By the way: All those who still buy links: If it is a page with a picture as an imprint, please slowly but surely ask yourself why that is, or

But back to the budget.

What to do now with customers who do not have or do not want to make such a budget available? Well, we just have to leave that to the field of SEOs out there, who then buy a few links with less budget and use the rest to serve article directories and social bookmarks, or spam blogs via the comment field. No, there are certainly a handful of SEOs that build sensible backlinks for less money. But if at all, because they are lean and can therefore act on a smaller scale.

Unfortunately, the crux of the lack of budget or lack of knowledge is that this discipline has its price. And that drives many companies, sometimes blindly, into the clutches of some very “well-known” agencies. Which, however, not least because of a small budget, often provide little, sometimes no consideration at all, but only send monthly bills … Yes, we experience that almost every day. Because the more exciting SEO becomes month after month, year after year, the more time-consuming it becomes to convince potential customers that you are doing clean, solid and honest work as an SEO agency (online marketing agency with expertise in SEO!) …

And yes, buying links is far from dead. Very often the effectiveness is, but the search for it is far from dead! After all, Google itself tells us that there are a number of questions here, such as:

Or just check out the suggestions at on the subject of backlinks

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Uff, there is still a lot going on when it comes to buying backlinks.

So only one thing: Basically, buying backlinks does NOT make sense . Especially not on ebay, freely accessible marketplaces or other easily (or not so easily) identifiable networks. All those who still hold on to it should just check Matt Cutts’ twitter feed every now and then ; o)

In the end, we can say: We are pleased that Google ( still ) gives the link a corresponding priority. In the meantime, this service is separating the wheat from the chaff like never before. At the same time, this is the chance for reputable and competent service providers to gain a little more monetary appreciation from it; o) How do we set up links pointing to your side as part of the reptuation building? Click!

Long live SEO, the Trojan horse of (online) marketing!

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