10 content marketing trends that will rock in 2017

It is unlikely that the close connection between brands and content will no longer play a role in the year ahead. So the challenge of generating maximum relevance at the right time with content will continue to exist. With around 27 million new publications on the web every day, it doesn’t look like an easy task.

An outlook

1. Content vs. Advertising

The traditional distinction between paid, earned and owned media will remain an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. Due to the largely saturated advertising market, many companies will rely on earned and owned content. The objective here is: to increase the engagement rate and to sustainably promote customer loyalty.

2. Mobile power

In 2016 we witnessed a historic moment in the digital age: For the first time, more search queries were sent to Google via mobile devices than from classic desktop browsers. Accelerated Mobile Pages and adapted Mobile SERPs are Google’s answers to this changed user behavior. For brands there is no way around understanding the needs of their customers using mobile devices and perfectly adapting their content marketing campaigns for mobile use in 2017.

3. Occupy niches

Personalization is the magic word. In order to monetize your digital customers, it is no longer enough to present them with “One Fits All” content. Identifying and precisely addressing the different wishes, needs and expectations of the target group will be of great importance in the current year: Those who provide their customers with customized content at the right time within the customer journey will be able to convince them more easily.

4. Use technology

Presenting relevant content in the right context has long been the only key to success. The smartphone has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and consume content, making it a major technological game changer. In 2017, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things as well as virtual and augmented reality will have a massive impact on the type of content.

5. Creative formats

In the offline world, we still have posters and advertising pillars, while online formats such as Facebook canvas emerge from which one can confidently say: “The format is the message”. The effect of the content on the customer in the digital environment will depend more than ever on the appropriate format in 2017. The key to success is to choose the most innovative formats, be it Facebook live , Instagram Stories , Pinterest , or videos .

6. Videos, videos, videos …

The importance of moving images in online marketing will continue to grow. 90% of the stimuli processed by the human brain are visual in nature; everyone has learned to process these stimuli more quickly than textual data. Visual content – especially video – is also wonderfully suitable for passing on due to its property as an easily consumable piece of information, which is why it continues to have the highest content sharability. If brands rely on the video format or enrich text content with moving images, they can expect significantly increased traffic and better conversion rates in 2017 as well.

7. E-Mail: The dead live longer

For a long time, e-mail as a method for content distribution was considered obsolete by marketers. The data paint a different picture, however. If brands rely on less spammy, but more relevant content with real added value for the user in 2017, then the chances are good to build a human relationship with the customer.

8. Native Ads

While email marketing is one of the clear climbers in 2017, native ads are the opposite. This form of advertising has been very present in recent years. Many advertisers found, however, that with owned content they achieve a significantly greater impact and also retain full control over their data. Native ads will still play an important role in 2017, but rising prices are making them less and less profitable for brands.

9. Customer loyalty vs. New customers

Ads are still an integral part of any content strategy, but there is still a fundamental difference between content and ads. The former focuses on customer engagement and building loyalty. Ads, on the other hand, have another goal: acquisition. In 2017 it will finally become clear that building sustainable customer loyalty is more profitable than acquiring new ones. Investments in content marketing will shift accordingly.

10. Live data

Production and distribution are no longer the only phases in the content process. The third and most important to ensure the success of campaigns is live data. In order to determine whether campaigns achieve the desired effect, the evaluation of the relevant metrics and KPIs as well as the exact analysis of the target platform will move further into focus in 2017.

What measures do you take to achieve the greatest possible impact for your brand? Let us know in the comments.

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