Good SEO agency !?

Today from the series “Searches that searchers are looking for” the search phrase “Good SEO Agency”.

We would like to shed light on that. Because what makes a “good” SEO agency ? And how do we, as a good SEO agency, argue that we are really good !?

We are a good SEO agency because we don’t want to gag anyone with long-term contracts and agreements or drive them into an unwanted risk.

True to the motto “Our short contract period forces us to be successful”, we only require a collaboration that can be terminated on a monthly basis. No, it’s not that we like to do that, anything else would be a lie. But on the one hand, whether the MANY black sheep in our industry, on the other hand, whether the lowering of the inhibition threshold to get to know us and our excellent performance, we offer cooperation on a monthly basis. And the longer we work together, the more likely our customers are to be willing to commit themselves longer. Because for us as an agency it is anything but easy to work very stable based on a monthly term. But the experience with it is good, so we are sticking to it.

We are a good SEO agency because we like to give personal references to customers with whom we have been working for up to ten years.

It is no problem for us to name specific contact persons with whom you can exchange information about us and our practices, our know-how and our results (!). If a competitor does not, it may be up to them why.

We are a good SEO agency because we don’t have a picture as an imprint.

A picture as an imprint? Good SEO Agency? How where what? Very simple: If you are in contact with an SEO agency, PLEASE take a look at the imprint. If the imprint is stored as a picture, ask why! Of course, you won’t get the answer we suspect behind it. In fact, with this approach it is usually only about that you / you / the competition cannot google to which (sales) network the agency belongs. Because in the field of SEO agencies there are some providers who employ few or no search engine optimizers, but employ a greater number of sales employees or sales representatives. These (external) employees often work with the vehicle of sales commission. And then sometimes telephone scenes take place, as otherwise only with subscription columns at the front door!

We are a good SEO agency because we don’t offer “express deals” or other nonsense.

Nonsense? Yes! Because search engine optimization is a complex and demanding area. We personally consider it dubious to promise a flat-rate offer within minutes without any queries. Because good search engine optimization requires a lot of knowledge in advance, not least about the setting of goals, short, medium and long-term goals, products, services, offers, etc. It is also important to check the competition in the search engine or the organic rankings see whether and to what extent a website is suitable for a good ranking in its current status, whether and how an organic link building campaign could look like and much more.

An immediate SEO offer without any further inquiry cannot be a good SEO offer!

We are a good SEO agency because we are NOT advertising to hundreds of clients!

Sure, our competition will be happy if they have hundreds (or even thousands, as in a specific case!) Of customers. But these agencies, at least if you research at XING & Co., or often according to their own statements, only have a relatively small number of search engine optimizers on their payroll. You can read from a competitor that they have 3,500 active customers. Wow, respect. But even if this company could have over 100 SEOs, every single one of them could still use very little time per customer in purely mathematical terms.

If one assumes that an employee, minus further training, trade fairs, company events, vacation, illness, etc. etc. can work productively in 120 hours, then these 100 employees would have 12,000 hours available. Then every SEO would have almost 4 hours per month for these 3,500 customers. Sure, no problem if you don’t pay more than 4 times the hourly rate x; o) However, XING doesn’t even have 50 employees for this company. Only some of them are SEO specialists. But who knows, they probably have a lot of subcontractors and other things, and look after their customers really hard; o)

Yes, competitive bashing is simple and just as unprofessional, right. But that only applies if there are serious competitors and not ripping off sales machines with SEO guise!

We are a good SEO agency because we think and act holistically.

Because SEO is THE Trojan horse of online marketing! When you hire us, there are many points at stake. What is the loading time? What about the converson processes? What about the joy of use? What about the first impression? What about the meta information, especially the title, and much, much more. And if you work through these points properly and properly with our help, you will benefit from them in ALL online marketing channels!

We are a good SEO agency because we don’t drive our potential customers crazy with unauthorized cold calls.

We are a good SEO agency because …

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