The most important German-speaking SEO service providers

A nice question, but of course difficult to answer neutrally from an SEO agency!

iBusiness has been “trying” this for a long time. So you can read there:

The visibility index of your company consists of the visibility index of your company for SEO-relevant keywords in Google as well as the following further proofs of competence of your company:

  • Your company’s seal of approval in the SEO area (e.g .: BVDW SEO certificate)
  • In the period between 08/12/2010 and 01/11/2011 you or your employees gave SEO specialist lectures at conferences or industry events

All three values ​​add up to the visibility index. Applicants who reach the first 100 places in the visibility index will be included in the listing. The companies are expressly called upon to improve their visibility rank through SEO measures on their own behalf. The following keyword list is used:

More about the keywords in a moment. Because among other things you can also read there:

Survey “iBusiness-Listing: The most important German-speaking SEO service providers”

The data collection for the iBusiness SEO list is complete. Thank you for your interest. The TOP 100 of the iBusiness SEO list will appear on February 11, 2014 on the iBusiness poster ‘SEM-SEA in Germany’. Premium members of iBusiness will automatically receive the poster in the mail.

And finally:

All SEO agencies listed are entitled to use the iBusiness TOP-100 SEO seal for the respective quarter. In addition to listing, the prerequisite for using the seal is the link to the respective seal on

So, so a top 100 seal (apart from the fact that there are supposed to be countless sites that do NOT only have the seal for the quarter)? And of course we are always keen on seals. We just ask ourselves whether this is effective? Isn’t it possibly misleading for the “common” user when he is understandably looking for a trust element that should help him to choose the right service provider?

OK, a seal of approval, e.g. B. from BVDW, says a little something. As an agency, at least for the iBusinessranking I don’t have to show it, and in our opinion it would not make sense or it would not be fair. The involvement in the industry in the sense of lectures at industry events and conferences is also used. Quite a comprehensible criterion, but unfortunately only to a very limited extent. Of course, as an agency / employee, I have to have a certain level of competence in order to be able to do that. On the other hand, there are enough conferences where you can simply buy your way through speaker sponsorship. And there are supposed to be conferences where these slots are peppered with self-promotional lectures …

But what concerns us most angles, the ausgelobte in iBusiness Keywordset:
ajax seo
application search engine
application search engines? Hm, sounds like SEO from 2001! Or has it been a long time since you had to register in search engines to optimize your visibility? In any case, there are famous sites for this key like

All pages that we can only expressly warn our dear readers about! Apart from the fact that such sites / services are completely superfluous and frowned upon, they can only damage the ranking, if at all.

backlink analysis
bad neighborhood
domain popularity

entry search engines
See above!

successful search engine optimization
flash seo
google guidelines
google optimization
google penalty
google ranking
google guidelines
google seo
google sitemaps

enter homepage
See above! Or. Perhaps the search intention here is not so much the entry in the search engine, but rather article directories and other nonsense? Just nonsense, and if not clear: Please steer clear of services that offer an entry, possibly also automated! Sure, there are still individual directories and directories in which “one” wants to be listed. On the one hand these are handpicked, on the other hand they are never ever something that you operate automatically!

homepage optimization
internet marketing seo
web agency search engine optimization
joomla seo
keyword analysis
keyword density
keyword density
keyword optimization
keyword recherche
keyword recherche
landing page
landing page
link building
link popularity
link building
link exchange
link text
magento seo

more visitors
We should rank well with “more visitors” for inclusion in the top 100 SEO agencies at iBusiness? Well, of course, more visitors come with doing the right thing in SEO. But for us this key is MUCH too general in times of multi-optional online marketing opportunities. But we are only writing the year 2014; o)

more traffic
See above!

meta tags
mobile seo
onlineshop seo
optimization for search engines
optimization search
engines oscommerce seo
pagerank update
professional search engine optimization
ranking optimization
ranking search engines
seo agency
seo consulting

seo berlin
Soso, you should also rank with “SEO Berlin” !? Hm, that sounds suspiciously like SEO 1.0. Yes, of course you can do that as an SEO agency. Only if someone is looking for SEO Berlin does he want to find ROCKIT-INTERNET in Munich? We say very clearly: no!

seo blog
seo checklist
seo cms
seo consultant
seo consulting
seo controlling
seo definition
seo service

seo download seo
download? Hmm, we spoke briefly in the team, but we didn’t find a sensible approach to what the underlying search intention could be and what sense it could have to rank as an SEO agency, or what qualification is behind it to be in the top -100 ranking to be included. But maybe one of our willing readers knows more?

seo training

seo frankfurt
See SEO Berlin! Grrrr …!

seo google
seo guide

seo hamburg
See SEO Berlin, SEO Hamburg… Grrr…. grrrrr… grrrr!

seo help
seo info
seo international
seo internet
seo internet marketing
seo keyword
seo keywords

seo cologne

seo conference
seo marketing
seo meta tags

seo münchen
Oh yes, SEO Munich could make sense for us or us as a result of this search phrase!

seo online marketing
seo ranking

seo seminar
Hm, yes, we also give SEO seminars. But what if an SEO agency doesn’t? Then it doesn’t rank with it, so that’s another piece of the puzzle leading to the disqualification of the TOP-100? Hm….

seo service
seo training
seo tutorial
seo video
seo web design
seo website
seo advanced training
seo whitepaper
seo workshop
shop seo
search term search terms

search engine
Sure, search engine! But a searcher never ever wants an SEO agency as a search result when he enters “search engine” in the search engine’s search box! Or are there other opinions? Google does not show any SEO agency in the top 10 of the SERPS, and that’s a good thing!

search engines
See above!

search engine analysis

Search engine registration
We already had! SEO 2001!

search engine blog
search engine conference
search engine marketing

search engine marketing  agency
You can argue about that … but in the industry we perceive that at least in general, a clear distinction is made in the wording between SEO and SEM / SEA. We don’t offer SEA / SEM (search engine marketing / search engine advertising), but SEO does; o) But if you take it seriously, search engine optimization is of course part of the generic term search engine marketing!

search engine optimization
search engine optimizer
search engine optimized
search engine optimization
search engine optimization
engine placement search engine positioning
search engine promotion
search engine ranking
search engine service

engine registration Gähhhn …

engine entry Gähhhn … Gähhhn …

engine entry Gähhhn… Gähhhn… Gähhhn…

engine list SEARCH ENGINE LIST? We recommend the Weihenstephan Branch Library from March 18, 1997!

search engine marketing
See above!

engine optimizer search
engine optimization
search engine optimization agency search engine optimization advice

engine optimization berlin Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

engine optimization frankfurt Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

search engine optimization google

engine optimization hamburg Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

engine optimization cologne Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

engine optimization munich Jaaaaaa!

search engine optimization ranking
search engine optimization seminar
search engine optimization service
placement search engine ranking search engine advertising

keyword density
What Karl K. from B. would say about it; o)

top ranking

top search engine entry
See above!

typo3 seo
typo3 search engine optimization
universal search
website optimization
website ranking
website search engine optimization
white hat seo
wordpress seo

And yes, the subject has a giant long beard! But since we see every day with a stubbornly increasing tendency how many black sheep in the context of search engine optimization are trying (terrifyingly successfully) to dig deep into the pockets of inexperienced market participants, it annoys us VERYLY that even in 2014, based not least on such Stone Age keywords / Keywordsets, a seal is “awarded” that is more than easy to ride on .

To make matters worse , this is also paired with Sistrix , one of our favorite tools , where you can read:

For the industry visibility index SEO ranking, search terms that are related to this industry are evaluated. The ranking thus offers a good overview of the strength of a domain in the respective industry without being watered down by non-topic keywords . As with the general visibility index, the values ​​are updated every week and have been available since the end of 2008.

But at some point we will be able to push our colleague Sattler out of 5th place !


Yes, enough grumbling. It would of course do the industry good if resilient trust elements or “SEO seals” were used, as the BVDW makes an honest effort. Ultimately, however, it is no different in the SEO agency scene than in the “classic” agency scene, we are just younger. And there has been trench warfare around this topic for decades.

We are excited to see what will open up in our industry, because it is necessary! Or?

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