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With Seobility you can optimize your websites quickly and sustainably – benefit from a variety of different usage options and special single-page features. Seobility helps you to attract more visitors to your site and to improve your ranking position on Google. You get many different tools for the analysis, monitoring and optimization of your website. As a t3n reader you also benefit from an extended test period of the premium version and can therefore use it for 60 days free of charge. You also get a ten percent discount on the monthly price. You can find all further details in this deal.

On-page analysis of the entire website

Seobility offers you a strong overall package:
Up to three crawlers simultaneously examine your entire website and follow all internal and external links. The collected data is then comprehensively analyzed by Seobility for aspects of search engine optimization.
Intelligent error detection ensures that not only simple on-page errors, but also, for example, problems with duplicate content or abnormalities in the structure of the page are detected. Seobility then presents the analysis results in a clear and tidy manner. This enables you to identify and correct faulty pages, problems with on-page optimization and abnormalities in the page content. Through regular crawling and reporting, you will also be informed immediately as soon as the crawler detects new errors.

Through the extensive error analysis and continuous reporting of all important SEO criteria, you can derive direct measures for your site, including, for example:

  • The optimization of links
  • Adding tags
  • The optimization of your meta data
  • Correction of images including adding alt tags
  • Removal of duplicate content
  • Deletion or correction of error pages

In order to optimize individual pages or texts for a specific topic, the WDF * IDF tool is also available. With the integrated text assistant, you can start a live analysis by inserting the content in the text field and editing it there directly – you will receive tips on optimal text design and information on which keywords should be used more often. Three checks a day with the WDF * IDF tool are even free of charge, significantly more are included in the premium account.

Keyword ranking monitoring

Seobility’s ranking monitoring helps you to keep an eye on the position of your page for your relevant keywords on Google. At the same time, you will be shown potentials on how you can further optimize your individual rankings. Seobility calculates your individual visibility index based on your keywords. You can also localize your keywords by adding the desired city to the keyword input – this option is very useful for local businesses. The premium version already contains 300 keywords per project, and more can be booked if required.

Backlink monitoring and analysis

The backlink module allows you to monitor the backlink profile of your website – the most important key figures are displayed in a small dashboard, in detailed lists you can also find lost or new backlinks, for example. If your competitor creates, they can also be monitored. The link building tools from Seobility also enable you to generate new backlinks for your site.

Do you just want to do a quick check or analyze a single page? There are also special single-page features available for this:

  • SEO check – analyzes a single URL based on over 100 relevant SEO criteria and gives tips for optimization.
  • Keyword check – Checks how well your page is optimized for a keyword.
  • SEO-Compare – compares two pages with each other and analyzes which of them is better optimized for a keyword.
  • Ranking check – provides you with the rankings for a specific keyword.

What does Seobility cost you?

Seobility offers you three different account types. The basic package is free of charge and well suited for hobby users who want to get a first glimpse into the world of on-page optimization and do not operate a professional website. This includes a project (domain) with up to 1,000 subpages and ten keywords. In the basic package you can use the basic functions of Seobility.

The premium package is suitable for professional websites . This includes three projects for the analysis of websites with up to 25,000 subpages. If you need more than three projects or the 300 included keywords, you can simply add them to the premium package. There is also an agency account for agencies or particularly large websitesthat contains up to 15 projects with 100,000 subpages and 1,500 keywords. With the premium package there are even more tools at hand that are not included in the basic package: These include, for example, the white label PDF and CSV export, the backlink module, automatic crawling, the option to export all analyzes and the determination of duplicate content. There is also no waiting time for your website to be crawled again.

With the deal, the Seobility Premium Package is completely free for the first 60 days – as a t3n reader you will also receive a permanent ten percent discount afterwards, so you only pay 35.91 euros per month. If you opt for an annual payment method, you can save another 20 percent and pay a total of 95 euros less for the premium package. Get the premium account free of charge for 60 days today and convince yourself of the extensive features of Seobility!

Improve your rankings through sustainable on-page optimization, increase search engine traffic to your website and ensure your success through continuous monitoring. Seobility offers you a powerful overall package in the area of ​​onpage optimization – secure the t3n deal and save money.

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